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Creating great nails is one thing I’ve worked very hard at.  Educating myself and up grading my skills and techniques.  The nail world has expanded more than most had ever expected and Fallen for Nails has been a part of this fast growing industry for over 4 years.  Creating amazing nails has been more exciting and fulfilling then I ever would have imagined.


    I want to thank all my clients for their long standing loyalty with Fallen for Nails.  My family and friends for their support, and most of all everyone who has spread the word in the Cowichan Valley of how great Fallen for Nails is and always will be.


                                                   Have you fallen for nails?


      Fallen for Nails offers Sculptured Gel Nails & Toes, Pedicures, Manicures and amazing collection of Nail Art.  Time to get NAILED at Fallen for Nails!

Call to book your appointment today 250-710-4822 to contact through email  fallenfornails@yahoo.ca  it is always best to call:)






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