Fallen for Nails



   Sculptured Nails


 Full Set                           $65-

 Fills                                 $40- Regular/Bak Fill              $34-

 Nail Fix                           $5-




Colored Tips, Flaking (mylar), Crush Sell, Smile line or Corner of color    Dried Flower, Decals  


Prices very from .25 to 5.00 ask for a price when booking.           


Sculptured Nails


      Fallen for Nails uses a high quality UV-Gel.

Gel nails are amazing, beautiful, strong and made thin or thick to your personal liking creating your perfect full sculptured nail enhancement.


                   No plastic glue on tips here!


     We do a beautiful custom extension made to fit your nail.  This technique is the most effective, advance and strongest way to building you a lengthened nail.  With using nail forms that conform to fit each individual nail which gives us the edge to build you the perfect nails.  From French tips, amazing Colors to Nail Art, Fallen for Nails is there for your nail needs. 

         Have you Fallen for Nails?

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